Enjoy spring in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort

en.sheshantravel.gov.cn| Updated: April 3, 2024

Welcome to the entertaining and exciting April activities at the Sheshan National Tourist Resort in East China's Shanghai!

22nd Sheshan Orchid and Bamboo Shoot Cultural Festival

Dates: All through April

Address: Sheshan National Forest Park


Bamboo shoots are to be found in the Sheshan National Forest Park. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

Highlights: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with activities like bamboo shoot hunting and exploring the picturesque Sheshan landscape.

Don't miss out on the cultural marketplace and mini music festivals, where you can indulge in local delights and entertainment.

Guangfulin Spring Market

Dates: April 4-27

Address: Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park


Glorious cherry blossoms now festoon Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

Highlights: Discover the charms of ancient Chinese culture through hands-on experiences like kite making and sugar blowing. Browse the spring market for some truly great handicrafts to take home as souvenirs.

6th Shanghai International Orchid Exhibition

Dates: April 29 - May 12

Address: Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden


Vibrantly colored orchids are a real sight to behold at the Shanghai International Orchid Exhibition. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

Highlights: Explore the enchanting world of orchids with themed exhibitions and engaging activities centered around these exquisite flowers.

Guangfulin Youth Village



Pottery making: Unleash your creativity every weekend in April at  pottery crafting sessions. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]


Little archaeologists: Join us on April 5-7 for an exciting archaeological adventure filled with ancient mysteries waiting to be uncovered. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]


Traditional jade carving experience: Try your hand at the art of traditional jade carving on April 5-7 and create your own masterpiece using ancient techniques. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

Come and experience the magic of spring in Shanghai's Sheshan Resort. Mark your calendars and get ready for unforgettable moments amid nature, culture and adventure!