Chenshan Botanical Garden woos nurses with roses

LMS| Updated: May 9, 2024

The Chenshan Botanical Garden – located in East China's Shanghai – is gearing up to celebrate International Nurses Day on May 12 in a very special way.

To honor the dedication and hard work of nurses, it's offering free admission to nurses with valid credentials on May 11-12.

Known for its stunning displays of roses – or Rosa chinensis – the garden boasts a sprawling 40,000-square-meter rose garden that quite literally dazzles visitors with the vibrant and enchanting flowers.

A winner of the WFRS Award of Garden Excellence at the 2022 World Rose Convention held in the city of Adelaide in Australia, Chenshan Botanical Garden is the first in Shanghai and the fifth in China to receive the high-profile and prestigious title.

Opened to the public in 2010, the Rose Garden at Chenshan Botanical Garden is home to 1,025 species and varieties of roses, including modern roses, ancient roses and wild species.

It stands out as one of East China's most richly endowed specialized gardens for universally admired roses.


Visitors are thronging to the garden to view the lush and vibrant roses which are now in full bloom. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden]

As temperatures rise, roses at the garden are now coming into their own – entering their blooming season and adding particularly vibrant colors to Shanghai's green landscapes. The flowering period for roses typically spans from late April to early December, with May and October being the best times for viewing.

As a result, flower fans are being urged to mark their diaries for May 11 and 12 – so they can head to Chenshan Botanical Garden for a wholly memorable experience filled with stunning roses, as well as a heartfelt appreciation for the contributions of nurses to society.