Peonies burgeon at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

LMS| Updated: May 11, 2024

The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden – located in the Songjiang district of East China's Shanghai – is currently festooned with the vibrant hues of its peonies, as the popular flowers burst into full bloom across its grounds.

Known by various names like Jiangli, peonies have a rich history of cultivation in China and are hailed as symbols of love and beauty in Chinese culture.

According to The Book of Songs, a beautiful woman named Jiangli symbolized love and longing. Over time, people associated this name with the peony flower because of its beauty and the way lovers would exchange them as tokens of affection, especially when parting ways.

Visitors to the botanical garden are now being treated to a glorious display of peonies, with the fields of the flowers stretching across the west side pergola of Entrance No 3, the east side pergola of the vegetable garden and beneath the canopy of maple trees.

The wonderful flowers – ranging from radiant reds to pure whites – sway gently in the spring breeze, creating a mesmerizing sight.


A view of a ravishing type of peony called the Scarlet Heaven. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden]


An elegant white peony known as the Bridal Shower. [Photo/Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden]

With over 170 varieties of peonies – including early, mid-season and late bloomers – there is said to be something for every visitor to enjoy. Currently, early and mid-season varieties are at their peak, while late bloomers are poised to unfurl their petals in the coming weeks, ensuring a continuous display of beauty until mid-May.

For those planning a visit, the peony gardens are easily accessible through Entrance No 1 or No 2. Entrance No 1 visitors can follow the main flower viewing path past the Rose Garden to reach the Peony Garden, while Entrance No 2 visitors can walk along the main road starting from the Conservatory A, passing through a flower bridge, to find the Peony Garden near the Quarry Garden area.

For where and how to find the magnificent peonies at Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, here is a guide map: