Chenshan Botanical Garden unveils vibrant new flower bed

LMS| Updated: May 28, 2024

The Chenshan Botanical Garden – renowned for its stunning landscapes – has unveiled its latest masterpiece, in the form of the redesigned Chenshan Impression Flower Bed, which has been reconfigured for 2024.

This iconic attraction, nestling in the northwest corner, has long been a favorite among visitors to the garden – located in East China's Shanghai.

Covering an impressive 897 square meters, the flower bed invites visitors to immerse themselves in its beauty, with each year bringing a fresh design courtesy of the garden's talented landscape designers.


An aerial view of the vibrant and intricate Chenshan Impression Flower Bed at Chenshan Botanical Garden in Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyou]

This year, in a nod to classic artistry and innovation, the designers have infused the flower bed with a dynamic blend of straight and curved lines, paying homage to renowned artists like Dutch 20th century abstract art pioneer Piet Cornelies Mondrian.

In addition, the flower bed boasts a carefully curated selection of flowers chosen to thrive in the spring and summer seasons, including impatiens and marigolds.

A notable feature of this year's design is the incorporation of varying heights among the flowers, creating a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and dimension to the normally flat flower bed.

This innovative approach is said to promise visitors a very special and immersive viewing experience, elevating the traditional concept of a flower bed to new heights.