History of Xueshan Mountain2012-05-23

With East Sheshan Mountain to its south and Phoenix Mountain to its south, the mountain is 74.1m above sea level. Its circumference is about 1.5km. Its area is about 26.6ha.

History of Jishan Mountain2012-05-23

With Tianma Mountain to its east, Jishan Mountain is 38.9m above sea level and covers about 7ha of land. It is named after Lu Ji, a famous writer in the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 265~316).

Legend-Four Righteous Monks Pagoda2012-05-21

During the reign of Emperor Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1522~1566), Japanese pirates often invaded China's southeastern coast and plundered and did harm to local people. Today's Congming, Songjiang, Qingpu and Jiading all suffered from the intrusion of Japanese pirates.

Legend-Ancient Guangfulin Town2012-05-21

On the eastern bank of Chenshan Pond, there is a 500m long street stretching from east to west. The traces of an ancient town are dimly visible. According to historical records, people settled in Guangfulin more than 4,000 years ago.

Legend-Decade's ups and downs2012-05-21

At the southern foot of the East Sheshan Mountain and on the northern bank of the Shanqian River, there was a small street stretching more than 600m from west to east.

Legend-Divine Tiger's Den2012-05-21

According to legend, during the reign of Emperor Zhizheng in the Yuan Dynasty (around AD 1277), an eminent monk called Ming Beng, also known as Monk Zhong Feng came to the Xiaokun Mountain and advocated Buddhism in the Sizhou Pagoda Complex. More than 500 people listened to his preaching.

Legend-Emperor Qianlong and Dragon Riding Weir2012-05-21

On the slope of the East Sheshan Mountain, there is a winding stone path, nearly 300m long and only more than 1m wide. The path looks like a lying dragon crossing a ridge down from the west to the east.

Legend-Lansun Mountain named by Emperor Kangxi2012-05-21

According to legend, three old gardeners planted orchids on Sheshan Mountain. Whenever, orchids bloomed in spring, people in the towns would come to Sheshan Mountain to appreciate the flowers.

Tiger Tree Pavilion2012-05-21

In the late Tang Dynasty (AD 618~907), Southern zenist and eminent monk Chuang Zi loved the natural landscape.

Monk and Pagoda2012-05-21

According to legend, a monk roamed around the world and arrived at the nine peaks in the Taipingxingguo Period of the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960~1127).

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